The Beauty of Tumblr and Tumblr 101 (Part 1/2)

Yes, Tumblr has some of the most beautiful blogs out there.  It appeals to the visually-stimulated part in us.  In fact, Tumblr’s bloggers post and “reblog” some very beautifully-inspiring and shoppingly-motivating photos.  Inspiring because the photos ignite the simplest of emotions in me.  Some of them inspire me to dress up, some inspire me to get artsy and start a craft or a lifelong skill such as drawing, that I’d pushed aside because of life’s daily obligations. Some of these photos also ignite long lost memories of my childhood because there are photos posted from my past that I hadn’t seen in ages!  What Tumblr does for a lot of us is it gives us a digital option to save magazine clippings online!  🙂  Funny thing is, Tumblr also makes me want to shop more, which is why I said some of the blogs were “shoppingly-motivating”.  For some of us, that may not always be a good thing but it’s like having your girlfriends showing you photos of great fashion ideas or products!  What do you do when your friends show you some great stuff?  You go out and buy them!

Anyhow, enough of me telling you how great Tumblr is.  As promised, here my Tumblr 101 Setup Tutorial.  Let me preface this by saying that the following is written purely for the Tumblr newbie.  I won’t go into detail with some of the advanced setup processes, mainly not to overwhelm any beginner blogger.

So!  Let’s get started!

First of all, go to

Enter your email address, a password you’ll easily remember and a URL of your choice (ie., You’re URL could be myworld, inspirationsforall, or sailingtheworld; whatever you like).  The URL will most commonly be your Title, however, it is entirely your choice.  Then, click on the “Start Posting” button.  You will then be asked to type in some “jumbled” letters to prove you are a human being.

You are now looking at the Tumblr Dashboard.  This is YOUR Tumblr Dashboard.  This is where you will see a “feed” of the Tumblr bloggers you follow (We’ll go over the feed in part 2).

In addition to seeing your “feed”, the Dashboard is also where you can “post” text, photos that you’d like to blog, a quote, a link, video, etc.  You’ll notice these options below:


Alright, let’s skip over to that Air-Mail-looking envelope (two photos above).  There are four steps that Tumblr wants you to do before you start “blogging”.  The first is to post a photo.  They put this as the first thing to do because it shows you how easy it is to “post” to your Tumblr blog. So, let’s post a photo!  Click on the Photo icon/option in the menu (above).  The “Upload a Photo” window opens up.  You have options how to upload a photo.  You can choose a file on your computer, use a URL or even take a photo (using your smartphone, tablet or computer with a webcam).  To make it easier and simpler for you, we’ll use the “Choose File” option and select a photo from our computer.  So, click on the “Choose File” button.

Select the photo file you’d like to post and put in a caption or a note if you’d like.  I usually put down a description about the photo or just plainly say, “I love this”.

Then, you can put in “tags” so your photo can be included in searches, such as pets, fashion, car, boats, makeup, technology, DIY, etc.  If you put in more than one tag, make sure to separate them with a comma (,).  For example, fashion, dress, black dress, lace….

An option that you have is to have Tumblr post this photo at another time or to set it as private so you are the only one who can see it.  The photo below illustrates the options you have.  The default is “publish now”.  I suggest you play with this after you’ve had a chance to familiarize yourself with the basics.

Once you are done, click on the “Submit” button and your first photo is posted!  Notice I posted a photo of two swans…

Next on the list is to pick a theme and title for your Tumblr blog.  If you notice up above on your Dashboard, it states that your blog is still “untitled”, this is where we will name your blog.  Usually, the title of your blog matches the URL you assigned to it earlier.  So for example, if your URL was “sunshineland”, you can name your blog Sunshine Land…  However, it does NOT have to match.  I have seen some Tumblr blog titles that do not match their URL.  So, let’s set a theme for your Tumblr blog and give it a Title.

Tumblr provides many great Free themes.  You can even get great Free themes outside of Tumblr.  For example, the theme that I use for my Tumblr blog is called Ultimate by Max Davis.  His themes are very simple to install and his instructions to do so are on his website, plainly stated and easy to follow.  For now, however, since this is your first time to set up your Tumblr blog, we’ll set you up with a Tumblr-provided Free theme.  So up on your right-hand top-side, click on “Customize appearance”.

You’ll then be redirected to the following:

On the far left-hand top-side, notice the “Themes” button.  Click on the “Themes” button and you’ll see that you can opt to see the premium themes or the free themes.  Select the free themes for now (to keep it simple and easy for you since this is your first time selecting a theme) and you’ll see a preview of the various free themes you can choose from.

You can scroll down and select one of your choice  I’m selecting “Stationery” and then you will see the preview area on the right change based on your choice.  Once you’ve selected the theme of your choice, then you can then click on the “Save” button up above.


Notice, you can input the “Title” of your Tumblr blog and a brief “Description” as well.  I placed the title as “My World” for this example along with a brief description.  Notice, the preview on the left populates with the Title and the Description.  Depending on the theme you select, you can customize font colors, background colors, etc. on this left-hand side bar.  Go ahead and play with it to see what you prefer your blog to look like.  After doing so, go ahead and click on the “Save” button and then the “Close” button.  Voila!  You’re all set!


Voila!  You’re all set!  After you hit the “Close” button, you’ll be at your “Title” page.  This is how your Tumblr blog will look to your viewers!

If you notice on the top, right-hand area of your blog, if you click on the “Dashboard” button, it will bring you back to your Dashboard.

Now, there are two more items to do on the Airmail-type checklist, and those are to follow five people (blogs) and to put in your avatar.  This, I will post in part 2 of Tumblr 101!  This way, I can give you a few of the most popular Tumblr blogs to follow in that post!

For now, enjoy Tumblr-ing and see if you can discover more on your own!  If you visit my Tumblr blog, see if you can figure out how to “Follow” me!


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