Elle’s Best of 2012 List

Ahhhhh! So Christmas has come and gone!  How did you celebrate your Christmas this year?  Did you party like a rockstar and spend lots of time with family and friends?  Or did you just relax at home and share intimate moments with your loved one(s)?  Either way, suffice it to say; I am sure you all scored with the gifts and gift cards!  So If you’re out there thinking of what to spend your cold hard plastic cash on, I’ve put together my Best of 2012 list to help you with deciding!

I so highly recommend each and every one of these items and I’ll tell you why…

First off, ANY thing Lavanila Laboratories makes is exquisitely yummy-smelling that is….  I have the Vanilla Blackberry fragrance and oy-vay, not only do I get asked a lot what I’m wearing; but my hubs loves the scent!  So, what do I do?  I go out and get another scent made by Lavanila and he goes nuts over the Vanilla Coconut!  You might want to try and sample them out first at Sephora.  Walk around and see if it mixes well with your unique “aura”.  The main goal is for you to like it, too.

There are other scents in the line in addition to the vanilla+blackberry and vanilla+coconut, such as pure vanilla on its own, vanilla+passion fruit, vanilla+grapefruit and vanilla+lavender.  So make sure to check it out.  As Lavanila Labs states:  LAVANILA delivers a new generation of 100% healthy products formulated with the highest quality of natural and organic ingredients. They’re packed with vitamins and minerals, and completely free of harsh chemicals.


EO products have been around for sometime now and I’ve dabbled in their product line through the years.  However, one of my favorite in the line is the Rosemary and Mint Shampoo.  A little goes a long way and boy does that mint smell so good in the shower and it sure wakes up the senses, which helps a lot during those groggy mornings!  I have a lot of hair so the weight flattens my hair but with this shampoo, I’ve got lots of lift and I love it!EO Rosemary and Mint ShampooYou can find Dr. Bronner’s at any CVS or even American Apparel sells it!  As you can see, I love stuff that smells really good and has a minty touch to it.  The eucalyptus in this soap is just so cool….  It’s like walking into a spa!  Made up of organic oils, your skin feels refreshed and moist after using this soap.  It’s one of my faves.  You’ll see there are a couple of soaps on this list that are just too good that I couldn’t refrain from sharing them with you all.  Here at home, we use them on a rotation basis.Dr Bronners Hemp Eucalyptus SoapWhat can I say about Boots?  Ever since Oprah mentioned the uproar in the UK for the product line, I had to try and find them online.  Lo and behold, it didn’t take long for the US population to get it here and now they’re available not just online but at Target nationwide!  Why do I love their day and night creams?  They aren’t overkill on the oil that you feel like you’ve put a whole jar of Crisco on your face AND they’re inexpensive as heck!  The products work and I stand by this day cream.Boots No7 Day CreamSo here is my second favorite soap.  NutriBiotic makes this Pure Coconut Oil Soap and it’s so au’ naturale that there is zero guilt that it’s going down the drain system.  Again, the minty smell from the Peppermint is wonderful in the shower.  The moisturizing qualities are phenomenal AND without any additional chemicals added, too.  We found this at Sprouts Market and now we order it through Amazon.  I believe you can probably find this at Whole Foods then, too.

Nutribiotic Coconut Oil Soap We all need lip treatment…..  The “real” kind.  🙂  Made of sugar and grape-seed polyphenols that help protect the sensitive skin on our lips, this lip balm rocks.  By the way, you don’t need much to put on your lips because it’s pretty concentrated.  Believe me, I was so used to rolling on that ChapStick that when I first started using this, I was wiping the product away from around my lips because I put so much on.  🙂Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment So I have the Naked and Naked 2 Palettes.  Love them both.  However, for 2012, the Naked Basics is perfect in the color choices, the size (easy to pop into your purse for touchups during the day) and the price.  Great for the natural or smokey eye look or to add to other eye makeup options…..  You can’t go wrong with Urban Decay….UD Naked BasicsMy first pair of Rachel Roys were pumps and that was back in 2010.  Now, for 2012, this pair just rocked.  I love the heel and the toe bling.  Got a lot-lot-lot of compliments whenever I wore them and damn, if Rachel Roy didn’t make newer models, I’d buy another for when the first one wore out.
Rachel Roy GillianOn sale now at Zara for $39, this top is great to dress up a little bit when you’re tres’ casual, but want a little “bling”.  Check it out at Zara by clicking on the photo!

Zara Top Obey me now!  That is what I tell my husband and he just laughs at me….  Oh, back on track here…..  This Obey jacket I love so much!  I wore it out so much this past year that mine doesn’t look as nice as the picture.  You know when you have an old piece of clothing and it’s been worn so much but you love it twice as much as you’ve worn it!?  This is it….  Click on the pic to go to Urban Outfitters and shop for it.Obey Wicklow Knit Jacket Love ’em slouchy jackets and this one kept me warm this year.  The military look is in for 2013 so I’ve been saving this in my closet for the new year.  Needless to say, that’s it for my Best of 2012!  Looking forward to more happy stuff and happy times in 2013!!!!  Yeah!  Hope you enjoyed this post!  Til the next!  Ciao bellas and dudes!Free People Slouchy Jacket

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