I See The Light….From The Windows!

windows in a sunroomI love the windows in my home….  I love windows in all buildings, whether they’re little porthole shape of floor-to-ceiling type; I think of all of them as a welcome to what’s outside and what’s out there in the world….

The word “window” comes from an old Norse word “vindaugh”, where “vindr” meant wind and “auga” meant eye.  Hence, wind-eye and in time; the word “window” evolved for varying reasons…..

The earliest windows were just holes in walls that were either covered with animal hide or cloth.  In time, windows evolved and became more of a protection from the elements as well as still letting the light in.  The Romans were the first to use glass for windows and about the same time in “window history”; China, Korea and Japan started using paper (shoji screens) as material for windows.

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Glitter Everywhere These Days!

Do you see them?  All the glitter-filled, glitter adorned objects ALL around?!  Relish the vision and take mental pictures and collect them in your hearts.  Fairy Dust is all around us and they are meant to fill our hearts with love, joy and kindness!!!
Elle's Mirror Collage


Dreaming of a Beautiful Christmas

'Tis the start of the time to get ready for the holidays.  Oh, the hustle and bustle of Holiday shopping is upon us, too.  Thinking about what lies ahead in the new year and thinking about all the things need to be done before the Holidays start to hit and can be so overwhelming.  Yet, it's probably one of the times when that overwhelmed feeling is actually quite welcomed!  Well, that's the way it is for me and my girlfriends mainly because we love the excitement of shopping and buying things for people we love and care for, we love having a reason to decorate our homes, we love having a reason to have lunches and parties, and overall, we just enjoy having multiple reasons to get together!  The holidays make those times even more special and that is why all the hoopla is so worth it….

girlfriends shopping together

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The Power of Pink

pink15Growing up, my mom dressed me and my sister up in a lot of pastel pink dresses.  Since I was the prissy, more feminine one of the two daughters, I actually relished and loved all of the pink articles of clothing we wore.  As with everything that we learn while we get older, I recall steering away from wearing any pinks all through high school.  I think it was because the kids I hung out with in school thought that pink was a weak color and insinuated the term as such.  What do kids know, right?  Anyhow, at the time I never really gave it much thought, however, now as I reflect on my past; I guess I did conform to peer pressure at that point in my life. So as I became “my own” person in life; I started to add the pastel rose hues to my wardrobe again and though I don’t own a lot of pinks since my closet is full of blacks, whites and earth tones; I am a Proud Pink-Wearer… 

In this generation, negative connotations of the color pink has somewhat been pushed six foot under and I am so happy for that because we all should enjoy the colors of the world.  There isn’t even much pre-thought into the matter these days that even men are wearing the color pink.  

So my dear readers, this post is dedicated to the Power of Pink in all it’s blushing glory!  Enjoy!

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Java Browns…

I love love love coffee…  Even a little cup of hot java can go a long way.  Do you drink coffee?  My husband doesn’t drink coffee, but the most amazing thing is he can make a perfect cup for me AND he loves the bean brewing aroma.  When you don’t have a chance to meet a friend for lunch, a short coffee visit works, doesn’t it?  Those coffee visits have become a huge part of my days because of my hectic schedule so as a result, I love coffee!!!


On top of the taste, the aroma….ooooooh….. but the color too!  So inspiring, the rustic coffee spills make a beautiful design as well.  What an inspiration those browns can be…

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Gray So Shiny and Warm

It’s been raining here and so gray….but that doesn’t stop me from just plainly feeling “gray”. Here I am looking through my colors of gray inspirations and it just lightens my heart to see, shiny silver, warm whites (starting to feel warmth around me)…..and the sadness of gray is gone! Yves St. Laurent was right when he said that fashion is life….

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Green with St. Patty

So, here it is….  St. Patrick’s Day and I just happen to have a collection of green inspiration!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to You All!

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I’ll Tumblr For You

I first opened up my Tumblr Account about a year ago but never really did anything with it.  At the time, I didn’t really know how to get started, how to start posting entries or what the norm was.  So, I left my account unattended…..  Needless to say, I lost some precious time saving many visual images that inspired me.  I lost that time to save links to websites that had great information that I wanted to “collect” as well.  If I were to sum it up, Tumblr is ia visual time capsule of all things we want to save and share…

elleslookbook tumblr page

The photo above is a screenshot of Elle’s Lookbook on Tumblr.  If you take a look at the photo, you’ll notice the  photos I “blogged” (blogged is the term Tumblr bloggers use when they post photos, quotes, notes, etc to their Tumblr blogs). 


Now, if you click on a photo, it will either bring you back to the website that the photo was linked to OR it will bring you back to whomever reblogged the photo before I reblogged it to my Tumblr page.  I know, it all sounds too confusing but once you jump in, I tell ya, you will so enjoy it!  It is like having a collection of your favorite books!  For me, it’s a collection of photos that inspire me and photo links to websites that I want to go back to eventually.  Now, I didn’t think much about Tumblr until I started noticing people “liking” or taking interest in my posts.  Each day, I have new followers and they are reblogging my photos on their Tumblr pages because they find it “moved” them.  Originally, I loved Tumblr for the collecting factor, but now; I love it even more for the sharing power it has.  I love it when one of my photos is shared over and over again because someone found it interesting enought to “collect” as well!

I’ll be making a Tumblr tutorial post soon and I’ll show you all the tips and techniques.  It is really easy!  Don’t let it’s plain and empty pages when you first sign up intimidate you.  It is so simple, it’s crazy!  Until then, please visit me on Tumblr and you’ll get a glimpse of what I love and what I love to share…..


Welcome to Elle’s Lookbook! I’m So Happy You’re Here!

There is so much beauty in this amazing world we live in.  Ever since I was a little girl, I couldn’t get enough of fashion and art. I guess you can say that I am a definite right-brainer….

Anyhow, you know how some people collect tea cups or paper weights?  Well, let’s just say this is my collection of what I feel inspires me…what I feel is beautiful, inspirational and rocks my world. I share it here in the hopes that at least one of the items I post or talk about inspires you, too…. or at the least, someone you may know?

I live a great life and it’s not because I was born with a silver spoon. My parents have worked hard and have taught me to do the same, and as a result; my family and I have always been able to “manage” a great life… My friends have always encouraged me to start a blog and share bits and pieces of my life, my fashion and beauty tips; but mostly just the plain ol’ life tips…

As such, here goes! I thank you so much for dropping by and I hope to hear from you, your comments and support are going to be priceless treasures!

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