Aviator Lookbook

aviator elbAviators have become a staple in every eyewear designer’s bag of tricks.  Although, the birth of aviators was when Bausch & Lomb created the design and branded them as Ray-Bans.  These specks were developed for pilots to use as protection for their eyes when flying.  The original aviator was designed to cover the entire range of the human eye and to prevent as much light as possible from entering at any angle. [Read more…]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

flutes and a rose

So, it’s Valentine’s Day and I was awakened by the sweet voice of my hubs wishing me a Happy Hearts Day.  Though his voice normally puts a smile on my face, hearing him tell me “Happy Valentine’s Day, Honey” was a treat…  Ahhhhh, this emotion we call love can be oh-so powerful!  What is love?  The other day, while surfing through YouTube, I watched a video called The Science of Love  made by ASAPScience.  In this video, they say that the true magic of love is in the brain.  How you ask?  When we’re in love, our pleasure centers are on a high which is why when we are in the “falling for someone” phase, they can do no wrong.  Well, being humans, we like that feeling of euphoria and being on cloud nine.  Simply put, we love being in love! [Read more…]

Bootie Love

wine bootiesOut of my ever-growing shoe collection (why stop at one, right?), no matter what season it is; I always gravitate to one of my booties.  What’s great is it seems that everyone is wearing a bootie or “shootie” these days, so it feels like everyone “got the memo”….  As I am an serial pinner on Pinterest, I thought I’d share some of the booties that caught my eye or that are a part of my collection!  So, I hope to inspire some new bootie love in you after you’ve perused this post!  Enjoy!

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Elle’s Top 3 iPhone/iPad Apps for 2012

Top three appsYes, I’m a geek at heart.  Though most of you that know me personally know that I’m kind of a fashionista-geekdiva hybrid all the way through….  Since it’s the eve of the eve for the upcoming New Year and I’m here sitting on the sofa messing with apps on my phone; I thought I’d share my top three faves with you!

Flava Icon


In no particular order, the first one I’d like to tell you about is Flava!  I love Flava because it allows me to “journalize” what’s going on in my life.  Yes, it’s a diary but it’s got some cool additional features that no written diary has to offer.  For one, you can add videos and photos! Another is you can see a slideshow of pix in your journal with music that you pick.  I’ve had this app since early this year and it’s been a blessing to have for recording some of this past year’s best experiences.

Screen Shot 2012-12-30 at 3.56.22 PM Screen Shot 2012-12-30 at 3.56.31 PM

Screen Shot 2012-12-30 at 3.55.55 PM


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Elle’s Best of 2012 List

Ahhhhh! So Christmas has come and gone!  How did you celebrate your Christmas this year?  Did you party like a rockstar and spend lots of time with family and friends?  Or did you just relax at home and share intimate moments with your loved one(s)?  Either way, suffice it to say; I am sure you all scored with the gifts and gift cards!  So If you’re out there thinking of what to spend your cold hard plastic cash on, I’ve put together my Best of 2012 list to help you with deciding!

I so highly recommend each and every one of these items and I’ll tell you why…

First off, ANY thing Lavanila Laboratories makes is exquisitely yummy-smelling that is….  I have the Vanilla Blackberry fragrance and oy-vay, not only do I get asked a lot what I’m wearing; but my hubs loves the scent!  So, what do I do?  I go out and get another scent made by Lavanila and he goes nuts over the Vanilla Coconut!  You might want to try and sample them out first at Sephora.  Walk around and see if it mixes well with your unique “aura”.  The main goal is for you to like it, too.

There are other scents in the line in addition to the vanilla+blackberry and vanilla+coconut, such as pure vanilla on its own, vanilla+passion fruit, vanilla+grapefruit and vanilla+lavender.  So make sure to check it out.  As Lavanila Labs states:  LAVANILA delivers a new generation of 100% healthy products formulated with the highest quality of natural and organic ingredients. They’re packed with vitamins and minerals, and completely free of harsh chemicals.

LaVanila [Read more…]

I See The Light….From The Windows!

windows in a sunroomI love the windows in my home….  I love windows in all buildings, whether they’re little porthole shape of floor-to-ceiling type; I think of all of them as a welcome to what’s outside and what’s out there in the world….

The word “window” comes from an old Norse word “vindaugh”, where “vindr” meant wind and “auga” meant eye.  Hence, wind-eye and in time; the word “window” evolved for varying reasons…..

The earliest windows were just holes in walls that were either covered with animal hide or cloth.  In time, windows evolved and became more of a protection from the elements as well as still letting the light in.  The Romans were the first to use glass for windows and about the same time in “window history”; China, Korea and Japan started using paper (shoji screens) as material for windows.

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Magic of WORDS

I am constantly inspired by quotes….  I am forever motivated by some of my favorites.  I was telling my husband that the way artists of the past, such as Van Gogh had it "going" with their way with words.  That is why they called it the Romantic Era, right?  So here I share a few of my favorite quotes that exude love, romance and life!  Click on the quotes to read more!  Enjoy!


What's Important

"Never let the things you WANT make you forget the things you HAVE." It's a great thing to keep your eye on a goal, a target; and to work for it or work hard to get it. However, it's equally important not to forget what you have.... This applies not just to material things in life, but goals and most especially the people in our lives.

Seriously? NOT!

"Angels can fly.....because they take themselves lightly."Ah, yes! Don't take it all too seriously my dears! Life is about living and if we take life too seriously, we wouldn't be living freely - would we?! We'd be over-thinking things and be slaves to our heads!

Xperience Life!

"Adventure is out there."Get out and enjoy the beautiful world we live in! Every step outside of your doors is for you to experience. If you've not watched the movie "UP", it's where the little house with the balloon graphic came from and teaches us the value of living life to its fullest!

Happiest are...

"The secret to having it all....is knowing you already do."This is in line with another saying, "The happiest people are those that are grateful for what they have." It's essential to realize that in the life that we live; even though we all have goals in life - the pursuit of those goals should never be pursuing happiness because happiness is being grateful for everything good or bad that you already have.....

Hope you enjoyed these!  Hoping your Holiday prepping is going well!  Thanks for stopping by for a quick visit!


Glitter Everywhere These Days!

Do you see them?  All the glitter-filled, glitter adorned objects ALL around?!  Relish the vision and take mental pictures and collect them in your hearts.  Fairy Dust is all around us and they are meant to fill our hearts with love, joy and kindness!!!
Elle's Mirror Collage


Dreaming of a Beautiful Christmas

'Tis the start of the time to get ready for the holidays.  Oh, the hustle and bustle of Holiday shopping is upon us, too.  Thinking about what lies ahead in the new year and thinking about all the things need to be done before the Holidays start to hit and can be so overwhelming.  Yet, it's probably one of the times when that overwhelmed feeling is actually quite welcomed!  Well, that's the way it is for me and my girlfriends mainly because we love the excitement of shopping and buying things for people we love and care for, we love having a reason to decorate our homes, we love having a reason to have lunches and parties, and overall, we just enjoy having multiple reasons to get together!  The holidays make those times even more special and that is why all the hoopla is so worth it….

girlfriends shopping together

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